Godspeed My Lonely Angel

by Summer Russell

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Inspired by BBC's "Doctor Who" series 2, episode 4--"The Girl in the Fireplace."


Of all the mysteries of space and time

That you have glimpsed across the years

What stroke of providence or strange design

Could find you standing with me here?

Or is this just a lucky accident,

Like waking up in time to see a falling star

And knowing you may never see its like again

Although you’ll spend a lifetime staring at the sky

For stars that might have been

But you have mapped the heavens and the earth

And shared the secrets of my soul

So point the way that I may watch for you

And then, my love, I'll let you go.

And you are always laughing, even now

I want to paint a picture in my mind of you

The way you are tonight, forever young,

Your eyes that bend the stars to leave me bathing in the light

Well after you have gone.

Where did you go, lonely angel

After showing me enough to dream of flight?

And did you know, lonely angel,

In your absence, how I learned to love the night?

But you return again, you always do

You say the years go by like sand

An evening feels like half an hour with you

The moments drift between our hands

You are the point of light I know by heart

You are the remedy for my unquiet dreams

And when we dance, I almost think the world is new

And when you kiss my lips, I almost think I'm going to live forever

Just like you

If that were true, lonely angel

I would follow you beyond the stars I know

But then it’s true, too, my angel,

That I'll be with you forever when you go


released May 8, 2013